Flexibility through structure. 
Creativity from experience. 
Solutions through collaboration.

Just as your clients’ needs become your own, your needs become ours and it is this simple idea that drives everything we do.  We understand that your clients demand custom, creative solutions for their benefit needs and that no two clients are exactly alike.  With this in mind, we built flexibility into our underwriting guidelines and have hired only highly experienced underwriters who have a proven ability to draw on their experience in order to find creative solutions.  We provide our clients with direct access to our underwriting staff in order to enhance collaboration, clarify communication, and minimize response time.

Minimum specific deductible:
$10,000 (or as defined by state law)
Minimum group size:
51 employees
Minimum annual premium:
Maximum limits:
$1,000,000 for aggregate coverage
Reviewed industries :
Sovereign Nation
Long-Haul Trucking
Ancillary riders:
Aggregate accommodation
Advance funding (Specific claims)
Terminal liability – Aggregate
Terminal liability – Specific
Contracts available:
12/12, 12/15, 12/18, 12/24, 15/12, 18/12, 24/12
Carriers represented:
Gerber Life Insurance Company
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Request for Proposal (RFP) Requirements
  1. Census
    1. Gender
    2. Age or DOB
    3. Coverage type (single, family, etc)
    4. Zip code (assuming the EEs are not all in one location)
  2. Group name & contact information
  3. Schedule of benefits
    1. In force benefits
    2. Desired benefits
    3. Any major changes that have occurred over the last three years
  4. Stop loss specifications
    1. Contract type
    2. Specific deductible
    3. Contracts desired
      1. i.   Specific
      2. ii.  Aggregate
    4. Benefits included under each contract (specific & aggregate)
      1. i.    Rx
      2. ii.   Dental (aggregate only)
      3. iii.  Vision (aggregate only)
    5. Commission amount
      1. i.   Current amount
      2. ii.  Requested amount
  5. Aggregate claims data
    1. Current & prior two years
    2. By month, preferably
    3. Include corresponding enrollment
  6. Member claim data
    1. Current & prior two years
    2. Only needs to include members whose claims exceeded $25,000 OR have an ongoing condition which will likely produce a large amount of claims going forward.

Contact Information
  Scott Eastland, FLMI, HIA
Office Phone:  602.760.3080
Cell Phone: 623.241.3101Scott.eastland@araninsuw.com
Mark Routson
Vice President of Underwriting
Office Phone:  602.760.3081mark.routson@araninsuw.com
  Kathleen Mergl
Underwriting Assistant
Office Phone: 602.760.3083kathleen.mergl@araninsuw.com
RFP Submissions

Aran Insurance Underwiters has been appointed to underwrite and pay claims on behalf of Gerber Life Insurance Company and American Fidelity Assurance Company.